Monday, September 6, 2010

A Lego cake and a great Lego blog

   For a lot of people it's kids that end up eating a lot of what you make be it cupcakes or deep fried. Around our house the kids also love Lego's.My friend Pat Washington started a new blog
It's all about Legos and other great toys. He post's new articles about whats new in the world of Lego daily. Along with some seriously amazing pictures of what folks are doing with Lego's these days. This is made from Lego's!!

  His blog inspired me do make a Lego cake. I have never done a Lego cake before so I took out all my pans to see what I thought fit together best to make a giant Lego. I decided on a bread pan for my base and mini cupcakes for my knobs.

  This cake was not as easy as I thought it would be. A simple rectangle with 6 knobs turned out to quit a challenge for me,I guess I prefer a more natural shape. It was also very difficult for  me to get a straight side using butter cream frosting so if your have any experience with fondant I would think it would work better here.

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  1. Thanks much, that is an awesome lookin cake. I hope you guys saved me a slice!