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                                                        I LOVE COUPONS!!
  I clip'em all,I print them I peel them I send away for them,anyway I can get my hands on them I will.
       This whole thing started for me when I saw Pocket your dollars on my local news.                                                              This is the website I use the most for my coupon links and match ups. They put up new store list at the start of each week. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY using this site! Check it out for yourself, I bet you'll love it.
                     PLUS find out how I was able to get everything in this picture for less the $5.00!!!!

  Wednesday is double coupon days at Rainbow foods so that's where I started my couponing today.  
Rainbow foods:
6 -Mr.Clean spray cleaners-FREE-on sale for $2 each,used six $1 off coupon doubled to $2=free
5 -Fabreez fabric fresheners-FREE-on sale for $1.54 each,used five $1 Q's doubled to $2=free +
6 - boxes of Day quill-FREE-on sale for $4 each,used 6 $4 off Q's = free
3 lunchables on sale for $1 each
6 packs of brats on sale for $1.50 each
Huge pork loin on sale for $1.99 lb.
I went through the check out 2 times. My first total was .63 for the Fabreez,Day quill and lunchables. My second order with the meat and cleaners were $23.69

 Next we went to Michaels. We(my hubby and me) had two 40% coupons and I have been getting into my cupcakes so I need some new supplies.
2 skeleton mask's- $3 for both
5 rolls of designer tape .40 each (these will be a great stocking stuffer for my oldest)
Wilton food coloring $6  used the 40% off Q
Wilton letter press kit $6.42 used a 40% off Q
1 small grater, .40 on clearance
 = $20.42
 Last was Walgreens. I was excited for this stop because I knew I was going to score some make up for stocking stuffers and more of the Tide stain release.(love this stuff)
$40 in Wet n Wild make up- on sale for 50% off=$20 - two $5 off $10 purchase Q's =$10
3-Tide stain release-on sale for $3.99 each,use 3 $3 off Q's = .99 each - $2 store rebate=3/.99
8-Halloween cups-in store coupon for 8/$1
1 box tampons FREE  used a print out coupon I got last time I was in the store for a FREE box.


                              There will 4 inserts in today's Sunday newspaper.
                   It is Sunday morning and at our house that means coupon day!
We like to pick up extra copies of the Sunday paper for the inserts. Those are the little glossy ads they put in the Sunday papers. This is where I get at least 75% of my coupons.
   So in the morning we go gather our papers. We like to stop at a few stores for our papers because we get between 6 and 12 papers at a time so we don't want to take that many from one store.
  Then when we get home everyone helps. We take the inserts out of each paper and stack them according to what paper they came out of(each different paper has a different insert) Like here for example we have a press and a tribune and they both have there own inserts. They sometimes look exactly the same on the cover but a few of the coupons will be different.
  Then we separate each insert into it's pages so we have a pile for each page. Once that is done for each insert in each paper we staple the coupons we want together and cut them out. Sense they are all stapled together they stay neat and you can cut them all at once.
  Next we separate the coupons into categories and file them accordingly in my "book O' savings"
And were ready to start saving money with the new coupons!!                                                                                                                                                               

$23.00 savings today

                           I save $23 today with double coupons at my local Rainbow foods today.
                                                          I spent just $17 on all this!

                                                That's $40 worth of groceries for just $17!!!
  This is not the most savings for a Rainbow trip for me but this is what I got today. Once on a double double day (some days Rainbow lets you double 10 coupons instead of 5) my total for $67 worth of groceries was .67  Even the cashier was amazed!
   Every Wednesday Rainbow foods has double coupon days. Go here to find the coupon polices for Rainbow.
  Basically if you spend $25 you can double 5 coupons for up to $1 each.
Here's how I was able save $23 dollars today.
Eggs- full price-but I needed them
Meat-on sale for $2 less then normal no coupon needed
Crescent rolls-in store sale no coupon needed
Toaster strudels-store sale no coupon needed
4 Betty Crocker cake mix-on sale $1 each, used two $1 off 2 coupons.So doubled that was 4 cake mix's     FREE!
3 Chi-Chis meals-on sale $2 each,used two $1 off coupons,so  doubled thats 2 FREE + 1 buy 2 get 1 free coupon so the 3rd ones FREE too!


  I have been working on this new blog for most of this week. But today it's time to get back to couponing!
Fortunately it was the perfect week to slack. My stock pile is well stocked my pantry is full and there were no coupon inserts in our papers this week. I start all my coupon trips by first checking out Pocket your dollars. There I go though the list of stores and choose the ones I plan to go to. I choose from the list of sales and deal scenarios,fallow the links and print any coupons I may need. Next I collect all my clipped coupons that go along with my list. Then I stick everything in my "book o savings"    
  A BIG  double 3 ring binder with plastic card holder sheets with 9 pockets each. I also separate my binder with into 2 categories. Food and not food. Those are each split into 5 sub categories. I did mine according to the lay out of the store I use most. You can divide yours into any categories that work for you.  
  It will take some trial and error to come up with what works best for you. Some couponers don't like to carry all their coupons with them,they choose to clip just what they will be needing for each shopping trips.
  I like to keep almost all of my coupons with me on each shopping trip. That's why I have such a huge coupon binder. It does get very heavy and it is a chore to keep it organized,like taking out the expired coupons and refilling with all the fresh coupons. But I find that I get alot of my best deals on things that didn't know were going to be on sale.
  Witch brings me to clearance shopping. I score big at the clearance shelves! Clearance is unadvertised so I wouldn't know what coupons to bring from home. Thats why I like to have them all on me. If I am running to Target for example, I will have my list of advertised sales and my coupons to go with it but then I see that they have dish soap on clearance for .74 a bottle. I remember that I have a .75 off dish soap coupon. So because I have them with me I can just go to the soap section of my book o' savings grab the coupon and be able to score free dish soap!
My "book o' savings"


                                           Thursday 9/2/2010

                                 I use a website called pocket your dollars

   I love this site! I use it daily,it has great store lists and coupon match ups with links to print the coupons and deal scenarios. I tell everyone I know about this site. It is so much more then just a coupon site.