Cupcakes Rule
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                                   Wednesday 9/16/2010
     I got a new tattoo yesterday and I like to bring my artist a treat when I go in. This time I wanted to bring in 4 different cupcakes.

1.Rainbow Cupcakes: A 4 color cupcake with a 4 color and fruit flavor buttercream frosting.

2.Pink Cakes: A Rich chocolate cupcake with a simple pink butter cream topped off with chocolate sprinkles.

3.Banana Split Cupcakes: A vanilla cupcake filled with whipped cream frosted with banana butter cream      rolled in chocolate sprinkles topped with buts and a cherry.

4.Sour Patch Kids Cupcake: A cherry Cupcake with a lime jello poke topped with orange buttercream multi colored sprinkles and 2 sour patch kids.

  Rainbow Cupcakes.



                                                           Pink Cakes

            I love chocolate and the color pink. That was what inspired this cupcake.

                          Banana Split Cupcake

                                                        (sorry for the bad picture)
  This turned out to be the prettiest cupcake I've made so far but of course the picture didn't show any of it.
The cupcake is rolled in choc.sprinkles and topped with nuts and a cherry. They looked almost to yummy to eat. Almost....

       They taste so much like a banana split it's crazy!


                                               Sour Patch Kids Cupcakes

 I just Filled my bag with the orange frosting and a squeeze and pull and there it was. Super fun spiky grass for my sour patch kids to play in.

                                                        ** HINT**
                 After you pour your jello the bottom of your paper will be very sticky
                 Simply add a second paper. It covers the sticky and keeps it pretty


                                Carrot cupcakes
       Cinnamon cream cheese frosting


                                            Thursday   9/2/210

  On Monday I got a request for Boston cream pie cupcakes so went to my stockpile to see what I had on hand.I had a yellow cake mix and a vanilla pudding mix so pulled my ingredients and decided to make them on Wednesday but I just couldn't stop thinking about them,all yummy and pudding filled mmmm. So I made them Tuesday afternoon.

                                               Boston cream pie cupcakes


                                                   This week 8/18/2010
                                                 Lemon bar cupcake.

   This cupcake was inspired by a friend of my hubby's.I like to ask around and get new Ideas about what people want to taste in their cakes and when we asked him he said he wanted a lemon cake with lemon inside so my hubby and I started to think about how to make that delicious and he came up with a lemon cake with lemon bar filling inside.Sounded great so we started whippin them up right away.

  This turned out to be a easy and fun semi-homemade Ccake(cupcake) we started with a boxed lemon bar mix and a boxed lemon cake mix I used box mix sometimes to get a denser cake or because with my coupons I get them for free a lot of the time so I tend to always have a few on hand.

Lemon Bar cupcakes