Deep fried

Fried Favorites

I will deep fry almost anything! I love love love everything the deep fryer does to food,the crispness the salt MMMMMM..
So I will be posting a new deep fried recipe at least once a week.

                                              Homemade pizza rolls

  Our family LOVES these! The kids and hubby love pizza rolls but I never really liked them. Sure it's a great idea. Little pizza flavored snacks,but not exactly what I would call good food.
  So I set out to make them better. We often make our own egg rolls (recipe soon to come) so I used the same concept just filled with pizza toppings.

  You will need

1 package egg roll wraps
Any pizza topping you like
          I use,
Sausage,cooked and drained
Green peppers

Enough oil to put 2 inches in your fry pan
Pizza sauce for dipping

   I like to set out all my "toppings" in little bowls so everything is easy to grab.
Once I have everything out I open the egg roll wraps and get a small bowl of water
 First lay down a thin line of water around your whole egg roll wrap, I use my fingers for this step.
I found this diagram of how to roll a spring roll witch is the same thing but an egg roll wrap is sqaure.
          They will stick together and tear then you lose your filling when you try to fry them.

  Pre heat your oil to 350
Then you set them into your hot oil. The oil should come about half way up the side of your pizza rolls.
I fry 5-8 at a time in my pan but be careful not to over crowd your pan.Turn them over when you notice the sides turning golden brown,about 2-4 min each side.
                Let them drain on a paper bag or whatever.
                     Serve with pizza sauce for dipping

These are SO GOOD! Every thing inside blends with the gooey cheese..mmmmmm...It's a wonderful treat for anyone who likes pizza rolls or egg rolls.

(sorry no pics of these yet my cameras not working right now, I'll add them later.)

                      This week is Patty cakes,our version of pigs in a blanket

  Today I'll be sharing  my "patty cakes" recipe.Our kids love the pancake covered sausages and lets face it they are tasty! They taste a lot like pigs in a blanket.

   You will need:
pre cooked thawed sausage patties,(I use the frozen ones that come in a bag.)
2 eggs
1 1/2 cup milk
4 t. spoons sugar
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 t. salt
2 t.baking soda

  Heat you oil to 350 degrees
  mix milk and eggs together in a large bowl
  In a separate bowl combine sugar,flour,salt and baking powder
  slowly mix the dry bowl into the wet bowl
  This will be a thick dipping batter.
  Next dip your thawed sausage patty in your batter to completely cover and slowly lower it into your hot oil. Remove your patty cake when it's golden brown and let it sit on a paper bag or paper towel to drain excess oil.
  These  make a great finger food for an on the go breakfast.



                                This week 8/23/2010  I'll  be trying something brand new
                                                           Asian chicken tacos!

The other night my hubby and I stopped at a chain restaurant(something we don't do much) after we had spent a good part of the day at the tattoo shop,he was getting a tattoo of a crown and padlock to go with my tattoo of a crown and skeleton key(I know,isn't he sweet!)
     Well anyway we managed to work up a hunger and I had no intentions of going home and cooking at this point so we decided to stop somewhere and share a few appetizers.We had the normal stand by's,chicken wings and mini burgers and we tried something new I think they called them crispy Asian tacos or something but when then got to the table I was impressed they looked great they smelled great and from the first bite I knew I was going to change them up and make them at home for the family and now for you guys
     So lets get going---
First I have to apologize for not taking pictures while I was making this dish,It's a little hard to get used to getting my camera out when I start to cook so I'll try to be as descriptive as possible along the way.
Here's what you'll need:

1 pack of won ton wraps
4-5 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 bag confetti slaw mix
1 can diced tomatoes with lime a cilantro
1 packed of dried enchilada seasoning
pineapple slaw dressing
teriyaki   sauce
oil for frying

   Pull out your crockpot for the first part of this one.
Just throw your chicken and can of tomatoes(undrained) in the crockpot on low for about 6-8 hours then just mix it up and all the chicken will just shred up and the tomatoes and lime will be cooked right in the chicken giving it a great flavor.Now add the packet of enchilada sauce mix,dry,do not add the tomatoes sauce called for on the packet. This will add a great color and flavor to the meat.

   About 30 min before you eat start by mixing up the slaw mix with the slaw dressing,I used confetti slaw beacuse it has both cabbage and broccoli in it so it has a great crunch and wonderful color and a pineapple dressing beacauce we love pineapple but any slaw mix will do just be sure to add a little of the dressing at a time,you want this to be a fairly dry slaw.

   Now for the fried part! Woo-Hoo!!
Heat your oil to 350 degrees
Then grab one of your won ton wraps with a tongs and just lay it flat in the hot oil about 3 seconds then flip it to the other side this will firm it up enough so you can start to try to form your taco shell shape,just when it starts to turn golden pull it out and let it drain on paper.
 THIS WILL TAKE PRACTICE :) I did about 10 shells before I got my groove but once I figured out what worked best for me it went smooth.
I did about 20 shells for 5 people.

   Then just build your crispy Asian tacos
I start with my chicken then add my slaw then I top them with a little fresh cut cilantro and teriyaki sauce.
Thats how I build them but what ever gets it all in the shell.
Of course you can play with what ever toppings you like to make it fun,we added sour cream and cheese to few and that was great.

   These turned out to be pretty easy to make and SO DELICIOUS everyone loved them,the chicken stays so moist and has so much flavor and tang of the slaw with the crisp of the shell is super tasty.

   Thanks for letting me share with you.